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  • Can you customize the look of our cupcakes and desserts to match our wedding/event theme?
    Yes, we can! In fact this is exactly the sort of thing we LOVE doing. We work closely with you and those who are helping you plan your wedding or corporate event to create just the right cupcake and presentation for your event. We’ll work with wedding planners and florists to integrate floral arrangements and other special touches to the presentation of your cupcakes.
  • Am I limited to only ordering those cupcakes on your daily menu?
    Think... NO LIMITS! Our daily menu just lets visitors know what to expect to be baked that day for walk-in sales. For your special event we will provide you elegantly decorated, custom cupcakes that complement your wedding, rehearsal dinner, wedding shower, bachelor party, bachelorette party, bridal tea, or engagement party. Did you know that we have over 170 rotating flavors? Now you do. These flavors can be baked into cupcakes or cakes, whichever you prefer.
  • Do you require a minimum order?
    No, we do not. Understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all wedding, we are set up to accommodate large weddings, as well as the intimate backyard-wedding with just a few close family members and friends. The same goes with our other products, we'll accommodate to fit your needs.
  • Do you offer “tastings” so we can sample flavors?
    But of course! We encourage you to contact us via phone or online through our  website and schedule a tasting for your wedding or special event. Tastings are always scheduled at your convenience, and cupcakes can either be taken home or tasted in our store.
  • What should I expect to pay for cupcakes at my wedding/special event?
    The cost of having cupcakes at your wedding or special event is based on a number of factors as you might imagine – number and size of cupcakes desired, intricacy of customization, set up and delivery requirements, etc. A quick call or stop in to our store we can provide you with a rough quote to base your financial decisions, but we encourage you to also consider the results of your tasting before making that call.
  • Do you provide gluten-free products?
    Because we use a number of ingredients in our kitchen that do include gluten, we do not produce anything considered gluten-free on site. If we do offer a gluten-free option within our store, it will have been produced in a kitchen devoid of gluten or gluten contamination.
  • Are any of your products made without peanuts?
    Customers should always judge their sensitivity to peanuts before eating any of our cupcakes or confections. Even if it wasn't made with peanuts, that product may have came into contact with a surface that did.
Cupcake Style: Music Video
This is a fun video we put together to show you what really goes on behind the scenes after we close for the day… enjoy!!
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Food Network - Cupcake Wars S5E13
Watch Brittany Moore compete in a cupcake bake-off
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